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We offer comprehensive private investigation services across the USA

Call us for you private investigation, Personal Injury Investigation, Child Custody Investigation, Pre-Employment Screening & Background Checks

  • Service of Civil Process National Process Servers & Forwarding We specialize in serving your difficult summons & subpoenas. Our staff is courteous, creative and knowledgeable. We do bulk deliveries of legal papers in Illinois and Missouri. Call for rates or referrals. We forward cases nationally to licensed (if required in their state or local area) private investigators and process servers. We consider Service of Process to be our Core Service.
  • Infidelity Surveillances Pre-Marital Investigation & Divorce Evidence. Kellerman Investigations offers video tape infidelity surveillance, detailed reports, free consultation, professional and compassionate licensed private investigators to guide you through this difficult time. If you need the services of a professional Illinois Private Investigator, call Kellerman Investigations today.
  • Worker's Compensation Investigations & Surveillances In cases involving alleged fraudulent Illinois or Missouri Worker's Compensation claims, our investigators carry out long-term covert operations.
  • SkipTracing KELLERMAN INVESTIGATIONS, has some of the most comprehensive sources of skip tracing information avaliable!
  • Pre-Employment Screening & Background Checks
  • Lost Heir Search / Adoption Locate
  • Personal Injury Investigations: We fully assist clients with personal injury investigations.
  • Criminal Investigations
  • Court Document Retrieval, Filing & Research
  • Employee Theft What are your employees up to while you aren't there? Let us enter your business establishment and covertly video tape your employees actions, how the handle cash, talk with customers, etc. If you have had an employee theft, we can interview employees to determine the truth.
    County, State, & Federal Courts
  • Witness Interviews & Statements Interviews are documented through written, audio, or video recordings of statements for legal or
    other proceedings for Worker's Compensation, Personal Injury, Criminal & Family.
  • Demand Letter Delivery
  • Child Custody Investigations
  • Collateral Recovery & Vehicle Repossessions
  • Covert Camera Equipment KELLERMAN INVESTIGATIONS, has a full line of covert cameras. From hidden cameras in purses to conduct infidelity checks to small cameras hidden in other items to conduct in home nanny checks. KELLERMAN, also has a full line of covert cameras to combat employee theft and other corporate investigations.
  • Legal Video Deposition
  • Mobile Notary Service Call us to come to where ever you need us and we'll witness and notarize the document for you.
  • Undercover Operations The world of undercover has expanded into all areas of criminal enterprise. The criminal of today employs advanced technologies both in the commitment of the crime and in countermeasures to conceal their illegal activity. The use of undercover agents as an investigative technique has grown into expanded areas of criminal investigations. Other forms of undercover investigations involve assigning an investigator work at a company, become involved with the organization or engage in whatever avocation that may be necessary to build the trust of individuals suspected of wrongdoing in the workplace.
  • Bug Sweeps TCSM and/or Counter Measures. Kellerman Investigations does NOT perform these services. We believe there are MORE QUALIFIED experts that we can refer to take your case. The GRANITE ISLAND GROUP is the company we recommend for this highly technical service. Or you may call (978) 546-3803, or email: TCSM
  • Phone Records & Credit Cards Statements: We do not, nor have we ever provided these personal and private records. Finally, there are laws prohibiting it. Please do not call us for these records. See: Telco1 and Telco2
  • About our network... KELLERMAN has access to a large network of licensed private investigators and process servers. This network enables Kellerman to perform investigations worldwide while still providing highly trained, specialized, ethical, professional and confidential investigators to your case. Kellerman utilizes their many years of experience to supervise your investigation anywhere in the world. Utilizing our network means you don’t have to pay travel expenses.
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